Are you ready to make more money with your message?

Think about the prominent high-earning leaders in the personal and professional development field. What’s one thing they almost all have in common? They’ve productized their brilliance (their ideas, experience and expertise) with signature programs and products.

Our Bankable Brilliance system turns your content into cash flow and is perfect for:

  • Authors interested in generating additional streams of income beyond their book sales.
  • Coaches tired of their earning potential being limited to the number of clients they can serve directly.
  • Speakers who leave money in the seats because they don’t have products to sell online or from the stage.
  • Consultants who want to stand out as an authority in their field by branding their intellectual property.
  • Corporate professionals ready to position themselves as industry leaders through speaking and authorship.
  • Associations and organizations that want to incorporate products into their business model.

If making more money with your message is on your agenda, let’s talk!

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We Specialize In…

Are you unclear about the best way to monetize your expertise? Just because you can do lots of things – that doesn’t mean they all need to be things you offer. We’ll create a profitable framework for your business by getting clear about your audience, niche, packages, and pricing so you know exactly what to offer.
Are you clear about who you serve and how you serve them, but need a plan to increase your visibility and attract your ideal audience. We’ll create an authentic and ethical lead generation, marketing plan, and sales approach that aligns with your values.
Are you clear about how you serve your ideal clients, successfully generating leads, and actively growing your email list? You are in perfect position to start monetizing with products and programs. We’ll help you create coaching programs, information products, workshops, and live or online courses.
Start here if you are planning a live event and want to ensure your attendees are not just inspired but transformed. We’ll serve as your Educational Coordinator and support you with the planning, creation, and management of your the learning content, materials, and activities.

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Discovery Session with Tai Goodwin

classes and products by Tai GoodwinSee featured products and learn about my self-paced Content to Cash Flow Program. Click here for details.

coaching and strategyA brilliant combination of your ideas and expertise with my strategy, design skills, and framework.  Click here to see the details.

information product creationHands-free design and development. We’ll turn your content (or ideas) into a signature product or program. Click here to get the details.

The Webinar Workshop

Learn how to use webinars to make more money with your message in this hybrid course of self-paced learning and a live workshop.

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