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There are people that can’t step into their purpose until you step into yours. If you have been getting an internal nudge that it’s time for you to step up, stop playing small, and start using your gifts, talents, story, and experience (your brilliance) to fulfill your purpose – You’ve come to the right place.

I specialize in helping women become the thought leaders, game-changes, visionaries, and trailblazers they know they are called to be.  

My Bankable Brilliance System helps you accelerate your:

★IMPACT by getting clear about your vision and owning your purpose,
★INFLUENCE by finding an authentic way to build your platform and position yourself as an expert, and
★INCOME by monetizing your brilliance through speaking, teaching, coaching, and product creation.

I know you are Brilliant. I want to help you be Bankable!

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What my clients say…

“A year ago I dove into my business thinking that all I had to do was have a pretty website and the clients would be lining up to sign up. Boy, was I wrong! After months of struggling to understand even where to focus, I ran across Tai. She has helped me to get from a mindset of “I don’t know!” to feeling like I understand my client’s needs and that I know what to focus on in my business. Some days I needed practical advice, some I needed some comfort and assurance, and even others I needed a good kick in the butt. In the past, I would have several coaches or mentors that I would go to depending on which I needed, but with Tai I got it all! Her ability to tap into intuition, combine it with her personal experience, and tell it like it is, is incredible.”

- Starr Shepherd-Decker, Radical Revelations

“Oh, my gosh! This woman is brilliant!!! Tai took a complicated company project that had been stalled in its tracks for three years and in 20 minutes spelled out as clear as crystal how to “frame” our idea so it could be created and understood easily.  I have never seen anyone with this super-ability to take all the pieces of an idea and just *shazamm!* pull them together so you know where to start and how to build it most effectively for your audience.”

-Lisa Rae Preston, stepintodestiny.com

Tai Goodwin is the most resourceful business coach I have ever met. She is a master at helping subject matter experts turn their content into courses and workbooks. She helped me design a workbook and college course based on my book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. Her insight into how to design objectives, measurable outcomes, and interactive course components is where she really shines. She is the first resource I would recommend to anyone looking to repurpose content into a series of information products. I could not recommend her more highly.

-Melinda Emerson, The Small Biz Lady

About Tai 

presentingWIN400“Reach more people, change more lives, and grow your wealth.” That’s the message speaker, author, and business growth strategist, Tai Goodwin, M.Ed., shares from her heart. Her articles have been featured on the The Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Careerealism.com, and CAREER Magazine.

Before transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, she built a thriving career as an award-winning instructional designer, including time at two Fortune 500 companies. Certified in human performance improvement, coaching, and instructional design, Tai has over 19 years of experience in program management and training & development. Click here to read her full bio.

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