10 Key Connections for Building a Bankable Professional Network

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There was a time when I didn’t have a supportive professional network. Like many women, I clung to the relationships I did have even though they were hurting me and not helping me.

One of the reasons it took me two years to start LaunchWhileWorking.com was the ill-intentioned advice I received from a woman I considered a close trusted advisor. She didn’t think it was a good idea and didn’t like the name “employedpreneur” (a term I coined for full-time employees with part-time businesses). So I filed the thought away. At least I tried to. The idea of helping people who were, like me, launching a business while working full-time was something I just couldn’t shake.

In 2011, I launched the site and started a Facebook Group for employedpreneurs. I also started a podcast called Launch Talk. At its height, Launch Talk was getting over 6,500 downloads a month. In 2012, my work with Launch While Working led to an Honorable Mention as a Small Business Influencer. In 2013, I won the Small Business Influencer Top 100 Champion Award. Imagine my shock when the woman that told me she didn’t like the name later advised me that I should use “Employedpreneur” more in my branding, and said how great my idea was, as if we had never talked about it before.

Is Your Business Network Working for You or Against You?

That relationship showed me that I needed different women in my circle. I set an intention to connect to powerful women who were living with passion and purpose. I am amazed now when I look at the brilliant women I am connected to. They are women who generously sow into my life and so brilliantly show up in the world to make an impact in the lives of others.

SHIFT Work: 7 Negative Thoughts That Keep You From Asking for Help

Brilliant women know: Asking for help and support is critical to reaching more people, changing more lives, and growing their wealth.

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If you are a brilliant woman that’s been called to serve through entrepreneurship:

  • Does your need to avoid rejection override your desire to have real impact that has the power to change lives?
  • Is it more important to have a certain image or have genuine influence that allows you to blaze a trail for others?
  • Are you setting your pricing based on fear or with the intent to create purposeful income (wealth) that can be used to sow seeds into people, ideas, and movements?

What’s really keeping us from having more impact, influence, and income is our own limited and faulty thinking. I call these thought patterns brilliance blockers. One of my brilliance blockers is the thought pattern that says “I don’t know how.” This comes up when I have to go outside of myself to get something done. Why? Because asking for help is hard for me and asking for what I need, for a long time had been attached to feeling ashamed for having the need in the first place. I survived by doing everything on my own and not trusting or expecting that there would be people who genuinely wanted to help me.

Being self-reliant served me well for a long time. Anything that I could learn and do myself, I did. But as an entrepreneur, trying to maintain total self-reliance is costly.

#004: Girlfriend, Don’t Let Divorce Stop You – Conversation with Anna Kelleher

Did you know that after a divorce, on average it takes a woman 9 years to rebound to her pre-divorce income level?


Divorce often puts a woman, especially a single mother, in the position where she needs to earn a much larger income than when she was married. Entrepreneurship allows women to earn high incomes while enjoying the flexibility to be the mothers they want to be and the creativity to live their best lives.

Brilliant Business Girlfriend Anna Kelleher drops by to talk about women, divorce, and entrepreneurship with Bankable Brilliance Mentor Tai Goodwin.

  • What sparked her interest in women, divorce and entrepreneurship.
  • What inspired her to start a tech savvy coaching business.
  • The success of women entrepreneurs.
  • How woman can recover financially from a divorce while she recovers emotionally.
  • What holds women back from financial independence and entrepreneurship post divorce.
  • How divorced women can help each other.
  • How becoming tech savvy can help divorced women succeed as entrepreneurs.
  • Tips for divorced women who want to be entrepreneurs.

About Anna Kelleher…

Anna Yaya Kelleher founded ANNACOLIBRI, a tech savvy coaching and internet publishing company for smart, engaged women (or men!) who want or need guidance as they develop a unique web presence and tech savvy. ANNACOLIBRI provides clients with access to personalized support given in clear, simple language and the tools and resources to achieve goals gracefully. When Anna’s not on the web she is practicing yoga or spending time with her children.

Join the Brilliant Business Girlfriends #BBGchat Conversation (July 2014)

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Twitter chats are a brilliant way to meet new connections and prospects and increase your visibility. Follow along on Twitter, Hootsuite, or TweetChat.com to participate. Here are the topics for July.
  • July 1st - Connect Your Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity
  • July 8th - How to Have a Successful Free Consultation
  • July 15th - Infoproduct Idea Brainstorm for Service-Based Solopreneurs
  • July 22nd - How to Handle Haters
  • July 29th - Authentic Branding from the Inside Out



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